Amanda Sky


To all of Amanda Sky’s friends, we’d like to thank you for your thoughts and prayers. As parents, it’s important to know that your child was loved by those around her. Knowing that she was able to touch so many lives, and help in whatever way she could makes us very proud. It’s because of your reaching out to her, and us, that we know what Amanda Sky has meant to so many people. We’ve always loved her and thought that she had a caring heart; reading your words proves this to us.

It’s also wonderful to see the pictures many of you have posted of Amanda Sky. We are planning to put together some photos of Amanda for her memorial, and would appreciate any pictures you would like to share, so we can include them in the video/slideshow. It would be nice to include all of you who meant so much to her in the presentation. We will make the video available on-line for those that can’t attend the memorial.

If you would like to send photos to us, you can send them to Please let us know the circumstances involved in the photo if you can, i.e. the year, place, people in the picture and whatever else you’d like to share.

Again, thank you for all you meant to our daughter.

Lydia, & John

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